Volume 6(2019)

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Buses, which is the most popular means of public transport used by the poor households, is considered to be time-consuming because of the inefficient connections, although they are affordable. Most of the respondents know of a few bus routes going to their usual destinations, such as school, hospital and health care centre (table 12).

Table 12: Limitations of the bus (multiple-choise question)

Central districts Peri-urban-district Total
% % N = 268 %
Time consuming 77.9 44.5 160 59.7
Far from connection points 34.4 51.4 117 43.7
Inclined to many transfers 27.0 27.4 73 27.2
Expensive 0.0 5.5 8 3.0

Generally, distance to bus connection points is more disadvantageous for the poor households in the peri-urban districts than in the central districts: 51.4 per cent of the peri-urban respondents regard bus stops as far away, while only 34.4 per cent in the central districts do so. Thus, using the bus is considered a waste of time for daily tasks and requires walking to the bus stops and bus connections. Time-consuming is a bigger limitation for respondents in the central districts because the buses move slowly due to the heavy traffic. In the peri-urban areas, people take buses when they go to distant places and thus it is considered a better option for the respondents.

Cost of mobility

Buses help poor people reduce the travelling costs to distant destinations, such as a hospital. People who are poor do not opt for taxis or moto-taxis because of their high cost. For short distances, they also prefer personal motorbikes because of the convenience for mobility and time. But only 32.5 per cent of the survey respondents consider using a motorbike to be economical and low cost. Although the cost of buses is said to be low, it is only the third-leading reason for choosing this form of transport. The main reasons are convenience and less fatigue when visiting a doctor (table 13).

Table 13: Reasons for transport use frequency (multiple-choice questions)

Bus Motorbike
N = 141 % N = 378 %
Convenient 108 76.6 292 77.2
Fast 78 55.3 236 62.4
Cheap 72 51.1 123 32.5
Safe 49 34.8 81 21.4