Volume 6(2019)

PAGE 19/26

Figure 9: Reasons for improving living standard in the near future


The study finds that approximately 55.7 per cent of the surveyed poor households think they are capable of escaping poverty in the near future due to the following factors, in order:

  • 1. Higher income of household members.
  • 2. Taking a loan from the poverty-reduction programme.
  • 3. Receiving support from sponsors or socioeconomic organizations.
  • 4. Higher levels of completed education among their children and youths.

Increasing income is key to living condition improvement in the survey households’ perceptions of their future. Receiving external support and children completing higher education levels in the near future give the household members reasons to believe their lives will improve. Thus, the top-three strategies they reported for household poverty reduction (figure 10):

  • 1. Investing in higher education for their children.
  • 2. Receiving support from the poverty-reduction programme.
  • 3. Reducing expenditures.

Figure 10: Strategy to overcome poverty