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The globalization of economy has brought with it unprecedented challenges to every nation across the globe. As witnessed not only by academics but also by laymen over the past 30 years, it is no longer possible to organize and manage the domestic economy without thinking about the globalization, nor is it possible to find solutions to many of the social problems in each society, if they are not compatible with the dynamics of globalization. A recent event such as the global financial crisis triggered by the failure of Lehman Brothers, which started the great recession in the United States and worldwide, suffices for explaining the great impact that globalization has brought.

In order to tackle problems arising from the globalization process, we have to have a new framework of knowledge and understanding of the current situation of the world. This is the very reason why we start a new online journal, Meiji Journal of Political Science and Economics (MJPSE), covering a wide range of disciplines from political science, economics, sociology, history, and to cultural studies when we already have so many online journal available. It is indeed our intention to provide scholars of different academic backgrounds with a forum to discuss and exchange their views on issues of the day. And, we also hope to present some Asian perspectives of these issues hitherto not necessarily well represented in the existed English written journals.

This is a pure peer review journal along with some contributions from distinguished scholars. We sincerely hope that MJPSE will become a lively forum for academic discussion for all those who are interested in various issues and problems in this globalized world. We are looking forward to your active participation in this forum.

Tokuou Konishi
Editor in Chief
Meiji Journal of Political Science and Economics

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