【Important Notices】
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1 Title of article

You may title your article within the broad framework described in the Journal Policy.

2 The name of your country (or international organization), affiliation and position.

Please list your name with the name of your country (or the international organization), affiliation and position in the title page of the manuscript.

3 Copyright

The School of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University, reserves the copyright of your contribution. Authors are required to assign the copyright of their article to the journal. Submission of a paper to the journal is taken as acceptance of this policy.

4 Referees

This journal is a double-blind peer reviewed journal. Research articles will be refereed blind, that is, the referees will not receive the name of the author.

5 Abstract of the Paper

Each contributor is requested to attach an abstract (within 200 words) to the main text of the manuscript at the time of submission.

6 Length of the Paper

The length of the paper should be approximately 15-25 pages. These include abstracts, tables, figures and bibliography. 11 point Times New Roman font should be used. The text should be formatted with 1.5 lines of spacing and for A4-paper (or the equivalent of this form).

7 Format of the Paper

The manuscript should be in English. "Endnotes" and references should be formatted based on the criteria from the Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition, 2006). The manuscript should include an introduction, independent sections and a conclusion. There should be no breakdown of the paper by subsections such as 1.1.1 or 1.1.2.

8 Method of submission

The manuscript should be submitted in electronic form, as a Microsoft Word file (.docx). The web submission form is linked at: "MJPSE Submission form" and includes step-by-step guidance on the submission process.

9 The Deadline for Manuscripts

The annual deadline for submissions is June 30; however, we look forward to your contribution regardless of the deadline.
Please contact us with the inquiry form below to inquire about which volume your contribution may appear, as the Journal is issued on an irregular schedule.
If you have any further questions, please send your inquiry to: "MJPSE Question form" .